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Next Meeting: THUR Oct 29, 2020. 7PM
Greystone Golf Course, Walworth NY

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Current Conditions

Please check the WRR Facebook page for the most up to date conditions, to include trails being open or closed. Scroll down this page to view it.


All WRR trails are CLOSED. Think SNOW! 

Scroll down to see live Facebook trail updates 

Please respect our landowners. Stay on marked trails.

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We will start signing for the upcoming riding season in November. Please reach out to a sign crew team leader to HELP:

  • Jeff Chapman – 585-721-0477 – Atlantic to Blue Heron Golf Course to Log Cabin, Ginegaw Park – S45a, WRR1, WRR2
  • Todd Chapman – 585-503-5506 – G and S Orchards (Craft Farm) 
  • Austin Lazzaro – 585-507-6633 – Ginegaw Park to Marion connection, Junction at Lewis & Plank – S43a
  • Dave McBride – 585-760-9968 – G and S Orchards (Lincoln Rd) to D & K Craft Farm (Allen Rd) – S45
  • Randy Phillips- 585-259-9217 – Brick Church Rd to G and S Orchards (Burrows Rd) – S43
  • John Roome – 315-576-0536 – Powerlines Junction on Plank to Williamson connection – C4W
  • Ross Wheadon – 585-737-2807 – Marchner Rd to Bill Grays, Wilburt Junction to E/W lines, Airstrip to N/S lines – S44A, WRR4, S44B
  • Dave Miller – 585-507-6586 – Roadside roping
  • Mike Farrow 585-202-1937 – Kiosks

Please be proactive and sign up to help your club make the trail safe for everyone!!

Live Facebook Feed: Trail Updates

Please come join us for our Fall Kick-Off meeting Thursday October, 29th at 7pm. The meeting is also posted in our "events tab" on our facebook page.

We will host the meeting at Greystone Golf Course (1400 Atlantic Ave, Walworth, NY 14568). We will practice social distancing and abide by guideless the golf course has in place.

**We will be set up to print membership vouchers**

There are many things to update club members on and several open volunteer positions that need filling.
All our welcome and we look forward to seeing you!

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When Mark’s sled is slow and you need to let everyone know .......
This is some next level Tom foolery by one of our Webster peeps!

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**Volunteers Needed** This Saturday Oct. 3.

We are looking to assemble a crew of folks to help us cut down and clear some trees off Downs Road so the groomer can get thru. No chainsaw required, but if you do, that would be great!

Start time is 7:30-8am.

PPlease reply in the post if you can help or send us a message so we can plan!


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**HELP NEEDED on our trail spur to Bill Gray's**

Due to houses being built South of Ridge Road, depicted in the orange box below, the final mile to Bill Gray's will be off limits to riders.

We have investigated several alternative routes and need your help to make this come to reality. The best route is the one circled in blue with the proposed trail in green. This is the current 100 acres for sale. We have approached the current owner to gain permission without luck BUT hope that someone in our club knows the current owner and can assist and gain permission.

Bill Gray's has been an asset for our club for family dining & trailer parking. We hope that someone can help talk to the current owner and assist the club with gaining permission. Sometimes its all "who-you-know" and we hope someone may know the owner better than "we" do.

If you think you can help, please send a private message and we can work with you to provide the proper documents, insurance and sign information to help turn the No into a YES.

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Your Junior trail crew was out this morning signing a few miles of trails before hunting season. Thanks Autumn Wheadon and Joey Heiligman. ...

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