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On Friday, September 25, myself and Todd Chapman, President of the WRR met with Town of Walworth Supervisor Bob Plant to discuss the status of the trails in and around the Town of Walworth, including Ginegaw Park. I participated in the meeting as President of the Wayne County Snowmobile Federation.

I am pleased to report that Mr. Plant is overall very happy with the work done by the WRR last year in preparing and maintaining the trails in and around Walworth, especially the effort to lay down plywood to protect the sidewalks. A big thanks to AJ Heiligman and his crew for this work.

There will be a few minor changes to the trails, nothing that would cons***ute a reroute, just some movement a few feet heere and there. The most important change in Ginegaw Park will be the movement of the Kwik Fill spur trail off of the parking lot and onto the outfiled of the ball fields (please stay off the infields so no damage occurs). Also, the Town has put up a fitness course on the property. This won't change our trails any but commands an even greater need to stay on the marked trail. Please also stay off of the soccer fields.

The WRR are trying to reroute the section of C4W from Dolomite Park to the Bellanca Farm on PLank Road. Last year we were forced to run the road. This is not an ideal route at all. Todd and I spent an hour smoothing over a situation with a landowner on Lewis Road who said the sleds were leaving the roadway and entering his lawn. This is not part of the trail. We must stay on the roadbanks if we are forced to use this route again. We all know it stinks, but if we make the landowners mad, we will lose this trail entirely. Losing this trail jeopardizes the entire funding of the WRR trails as it is the only connection, for now, to the state trail system. It's less than a mile of road riding, you and your sled will make it. Also, go slow and don't rev the motors, save that for the fields where it won't wake anyone or their children up.

Well, that's basically it, overall, positive reinforcement that the hard work of the trail crews, the signage crews, and all involved in making the WRR trail system happen is paying dividends.

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