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Webster Ridge Runners Membership Application Policies and Disclaimers
Please read carefully.
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In consideration of being permitted to use the snowmobile trail promoted and maintained by the Webster Ridge Runners, Inc.
I expressly acknowledge that:
1. In compliance with New York State Law(s), my snowmobile(s) has the required registrations(s) and liability insurance;
2. I am physically fit and possess the physical strength to participate in the sport of snowmobiling and that I will not participate in the sport while under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
3. I agree to observe, read, and abide by any and all notices, posted from time to time by the Webster Ridge Runners, Inc. which may pertain to my responsibilities as a snowmobile operator;
4. Trail conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and snowmobile use. I also understand that ice, variations in terrain, moguls, rocks, forest growth, debris, and other obstacles and hazards, including other snowmobiles, exist throughout the area.

Therefore, I acknowledge that the sport of snowmobiling is a hazardous activity and that I could suffer personal injury as a participant.
I hereby expressly acknowledge my understanding and acceptance of the foregoing, and agree to assume the risk of any personal injuries which I may incur during my use of the Webster Ridge Runners, Inc. snowmobiling facilities .

WEBSTER RIDGE RUNNERS, INC [Applicant] accepts following statement :
Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation
89 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14649
The undersigned member of Webster Ridge Runners, Inc. does hereby acknowledge permission granted to him or her by Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation ("Owners") to travel by snowmobile during the appropriate season, on lands of the Owner known as property 13 R/W, Clevenger Road, North to Lake Road, Town of Ontario (except at railroad crossing) and property 124 R/W, 1000 Ft. East of Lincoln Road, West to a point 2000 Ft. West of Salt Road.
In consideration for such permission granted by the Owners the undersigned agrees, to the fullest extent allowed by Law, to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Owners from and against any and all claims the undersigned may have or others may bring for liability, damage, or expense, including legal expenses, which may relate to, but are not limited to, personal injury, death or property damage to the undersigned or other persons, that may in any matter arise out of, be caused by or be related to the undersigned's use of Premises.